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Saturday, February 11, 2006

What Do I Know ?

I have been keeping an eye on events at Deauville, mostly while at work. Don't think that this implies a particular interest in the tournament circuit ; among other means of avoiding work this week I was googling "Come Back Mrs Noah", with about the same level of attention. More if anything. Sadly the good guys and girls have all bitten the dust once again.

Ram is the chip leader and while I do bitch about a lot of tournament players (more privately than publicly now I am a little wiser), Ram is one of the few tournament players who has my full respect. The way he plays, he could still bust out 5th, but IMO that's a strength rather than a weakness. He goes all out to win. Isabelle Mercier has finally done something in a major tournament at about the 50th attempt ; expect a serious amount of fawning as to how great she is. One thing the Unabomber said that rings very true, guys go nuts over women who play poker even though they wouldn't look at them twice in a nightclub. Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier in the flesh (what there is of it) looks about 12 years old. I don't mean to bitch at her ; it's the way guys react to her. And I know I was probably applying some fawnage to Jennifer Tilly a couple of months ago, but she's different gravy !

Anyway the real point of this post is that while I was playing at the Sportsman last week I had two characters sat next to me who were, in my opinion, playing awfully. Overcalling allin pre-flop with A7 etc. etc. in that "it's ok to play badly during the rebuy period" style. Not that this stopped them telling everyone else how to play. But in between all this they were saying things like "so what hotel are you in at Deauville ? I might go to Vienna it's only two thousand Euros". I was somewhat perplexed. Needless to say one of them made it very deep in the Deauville event and it sounded like he was quite unlucky to be eliminated on the last two tables. Which goes to show that either I know very little about assessing players, or I know all too much about how high the luck factor is in big tournaments. 5/6 each of two I reckon.


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