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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

January Sales

Virgin Atlantic are doing a much better sale than you'll find anywhere in the High Street, and you don't need elbows like Alan Shearer to take advantage of it. Cheap flights to Vegas !

£283 for the WPT Championship in April ? Or perhaps £403 for the first two weeks of the WSOP ? Personally I'm much more tempted by the former, but whatever's your poison, snap it up ! Usual referral percentages apply.


Blogger SimonG. said...

I would recommend (to anyone that hasn't) signing up with Virgin to get email notifcations from them - some of them have very short expiry dates, but if you are organised or have no other responsibilities getting in the way, £283 is a steal.

I have already booked mine up, I will repay you commensurate referral rates, I will leave a beer for you on the bar at the Gold Coast!

10:15 AM  

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