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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wrapping Up

Almost done and dusted here, it looks like Colclough is out and they're down to five in the main event, but I'm not spending my last day inside a darkened room watching people play poker, so check Pokerpages if you care.

I would have liked to play the main event, man for man the field looked a lot weaker than, for example, the $1000 NL earlier in the week. It was a fairly quick structure which would suit me. For example, around the bubble the average chip stack was only 10 times (the blinds and antes) which is small. After they made the money, they went 6-handed which wouldn't suit me so much but it's a good move I think, fair enough let qualifiers make the money but it's only right that skill should out in the end as much as is possible. Which isn't much, but there you go.

I only played one more tournament, a $300 NL. Playing 75-150 with around my starting stack of 2500, I called a raise in position with JJ. Flop came 7 high, bash bash bash all in, he had Aces. Never mind. Basically I did not observe Greenstein's number one tournament tip "play lots of tournaments". Various reasons which I might save for later. In the end this is a beautiful place but there just isn't the 24/7 poker action that you get in Vegas. I don't mean that I want to play at 3am, I want to play at 10am, but at that time there are tumbleweeds blowing through the cardroom. Never mind, when I get back I'm going to put the hours in online and build up a bankroll so that I can play $500+ tournaments instead of punting at them. That might take a few months but poker's not going away just yet.


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