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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is She Really Going Out With Him ?

Unfortunately I don't have any salacious gossip, the people here who might actually do anything salacious happen to be about the last people I would want to spend any time with so can't help you there. Idle gossip I can do though, if you're bored.

Jennifer Tilly is here with Phil Laak and I have to say she looks fantastic. If you didn't know, you would think she was an extremely attractive woman of about 28. In fact she's 46. And this was at breakfast. At this point I ought to say something bitchy about Phil Laak but I don't know him and people tell me he's a nice guy and all that stuff he does is just an act for the sponsors. Fair play to him for doing Jennifer Tilly anyway. Give her a Unabomb for me.


I was wearing a QPR baseball cap in a Sit and Go and started chatting to a French guy about football. Nice guy, even the French are pleasant here, I know I shouldn't say that ... anyway he asked me if there were any French players at QPR. I said no. A moment later I realised I had somehow forgotten about that defensive colossus, midfield general and leader of the attack all in one, Georges Santos. Can you believe he had never heard of Georges Santos ? I don't know. Well he's not that bad Santos (although I know Keith hates him) but it does make you wonder, why are there so many 2-bit foreigners in the Championship who are unknown even in their own country ? Why aren't there as many Englishmen plodding through the Portuguese lower divisions, for example ? Another of life's mysteries.


Finally some news from the world of business, Caribbean Sun Poker are rebranding themselves as Sun Poker because so many people listen to their radio adverts, log on and fail to find the website because they can't spell Caribbean. If you want to start your own cardroom, I suggest calling it Duh Poker or something easy like that.


So that'll have to do you for now. I'm going to have a beach massage today. No, not that kind of massage. Or at least I assume not, seeing as it's on the beach. And not from Jennifer Tilly either. It's expensive enough as it is, but I suspect I'd have to win the main event to be able to afford that kind of massage from Jennifer Tilly. We can dream though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:42 PM  
Blogger 89TJ said...

Those foreign players appear even in the bottom two divisions. I think the reason their are no British players in the European lower leagues is very simple: money.

5:26 PM  

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