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Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Rock And Roll Christmas

Seen another one off. It's a lot better when you don't have a TV, I highly recommend it. I had a nice couple of days off. Obviously I had to watch some kind of pre-produced entertainment, this year I rented Super Size Me, I know it's only one side of the story but it's definitely worth a look, and I particularly enjoyed Bill Fillmaff's latest instructional video on "Female Women". There's one entirely predictable but, or should that be and so, extremely funny bit where "Amy Luke" is talking about how much she loves her kids, check it out.

Naturally I found some Christmas value online, but (perhaps fortunately after Super Size Me) it was of course uneatable. The 25th being on a Sunday was particularly handy for some of the weekly guaranteed tournaments, although the added money was slightly offset by the higher than usual proportion of sociopaths in the field, sociopaths of course being better poker players, if I say so myself. I would wager that if I had turned on the avatars, I wouldn't have seen quite as many gurning babies as usual.

Almost regrettably football has kicked in again with another grim-sounding 1-0 reverse for the SuperHoops, but I enjoyed a welcome win for Barnet this afternoon (and some fresh air), and hats off to the PA guy who gave us a special medley of "Spirit Of Radio", "Radar Love" and the obligatory "Sweet Child Of Mine". Now that's what I call Christmas !!


Blogger Horace Finkle said...

No TV? Sounds like a cool idea. Especially when you have a dad like mine. The only TV he le us watch yesterday was The Yule Log Channel.

- Horace Finkle, Teenage Ghost

8:08 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...


I am enjoying reading your blog. Faking Tourette's syndrome is something I have considered in the past, but here's my twist - fake Tourette's syndrome AND narcolepsy.

Then if anyone wants you to do anything you say "Fuck off, I'm trying to sleep".


8:17 PM  

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