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Friday, March 24, 2006


Although work didn't push back as much as they might have done regarding me leaving, they did dig their heels in about the timing and asked me to see out most of my notice. For sure I don't have to, in that you can do anything you like in this life if you're prepared to face the consequences, but while it would be a sad day if I ever did go back, there's no point burning any bridges. So my red-letter day is now June 22nd. Till then I'm still on a 4-day week, so with some judicious days off and the normally ridiculous 3 bank holidays in 6 weeks, I should just about be able to cope. I'm trying to live my weekends with about the same level of poker-playing as I expect to be putting in when it's "for real", so this gives me some time to ease into it and sort my new flat out as well. Fixed a gas leak there this morning which is a start [1].

The countdown is quite easy, all I have to do is add 13 days to the increasingly frenetic World Cup countdowns. I have no intention of cracking regarding the TV - after all I hardly watched any of the last one, now I think of it. In any case I should be ok for the latter stages because on Day 6 I will be straight off to Vegas, for anything from two weeks up, depending on how profitable/enjoyable it proves !

[1] Not me personally of course. I stood there while they fixed it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lionel here, good luck with everything Andy, dont forget to write!
p.s. How can you live without a telly during the world cup, a sacrifice to far methinks

2:50 PM  

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