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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ugh, I Feel Dirty

Because I've been on a forum. 1, 2, 3, Ewwwwwww ! I know. A colleague asked me to have a look at a post he made before it was deleted. In the event, it wasn't. The "moderators" all had their pop back, and then banned the poster's IP address. Classy.

On a completely unrelated topic, here's a post that really made me laugh. Particularly at the end when I was nailed bang to rights as an "Old School Poker Tosser". In truth that is exactly how I felt about 18 months ago (you can check the archives if you care). Don't worry though Jo, in a little while you reach the state of enlightenment where you just get it quietly [1] online and laugh.

Neatly linking the two together, while I was knee deep in the swamp I had a wade around. A guy asked a question about a totally basic blind v blind situation, and to boot, one of those situations that you should only ever be in if you lose 90% of your chips on the previous hand. Fair enough, we all have to start somewhere, but the setting was last weekend's £1500 comp at the Vic. Did anyone mention the words "game selection" ? Take a guess. If they had, no doubt the word "satellite" would have been the main thrust of the response.

The link (I'm getting there) is DY's comment on Jo's blog about a Scandinavian visitor thinking that the young British players were generally weak. This forum post certainly backed it up. I don't know what people are thinking, I really don't. There's big enough EV in these main events with all the satellites, but man you need a big plate to be able to eat it.

[1] Well, fairly quietly


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