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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Coming Down

It's all calmed down a bit here now. I played the $500 Stud Hi-Lo the day after the win, I really shouldn't have played but I did want to play the Hi-Lo. Predictably I was in a bit of a daze and that cost me 2 or 3 bets, which doesn't sound much but the limits we were at that was about 1/4 of my starting stack. Anyway I couldn't get going in that one and was out fairly quickly. Yesterday I had a much-needed day off and I felt much sharper today in the $1000 NL.

However, this was a fair bit tougher than the $500s, generally because the standard of play was better and specifically because I had Barry Greenstein on my immediate left, which wasn't ideal :-). Even though he seemed quite bored, understandably in a tournament which cost him about 1/2 a small blind in his biggest game, he was certainly playing well and I might have picked up a pointer or two from watching him. He was quite cool, although he lost a couple of points for telling me a bad beat story. Anyway I hovered just under the starting stack of 2000 until we reached 100-200, then I tried the old BB push after two limpers, both of whom had been limping continually. The first one called me with 66 and I couldn't hit my 68.

I shall probably stick to the $500 second chance tournaments as my main game from here on in. The single tables aren't too bad, but it's kind of hard to dredge up the motivation for them. For some reason :-). I was in one last night and this guy was trying to drum up interest for a last longer. I didn't bite and nor did Frankie O'Dell who I know is a very good player. "Well I guess it's good," says this egg, "if no one else has the confidence to make the bet". This guy was so confident he called 1/3 of his chips pre-flop with 87s, when a nervous player like me would have been doubtful if he had sufficient implied odds. 8 on the flop, all in, lost to Aces and first out. Confidence can only take you so far.

One more thing, Maxjet clobbered me for changing my flight. The change fee was only $100 but now all the cheap seats had gone and I was stuck a $700 fare increase for what is presumably the same seat. Not that I'm expecting any sympathy, but bear this in mind if you're thinking about flying with them. Right, I'm off to bet the NFL. I did laugh when that egg Romo fumbled the snap last time, that was funny.


Anonymous Liz Rice said...

Hi Andy - just back from Vegas myself, but was doing far nerdier things at CES, not playing poker. Did throw away a few $$$ on blackjack at the Wynn - sadly couldn't remember enough from your pre-Monte Carlo lessons I guess! Got home, and Phil told me he'd heard you were out there, if I'd have known we could have met up for a beer. Might even have paid for it myself so no-one accuses me of sponging off your winnings!

Sounds like it's been a good trip for you, hope your luck continues

- L

7:43 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Shame we couldn't catch up in Vegas, that would have been fun ! I'm sure I'll be buying a beer or two when I'm back. See you then.


10:35 PM  

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