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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Up All Night

Managed to score 3rd at Caesar's last night for $1700. Caesar's have a slightly odd structure, big jumps between levels but to mitigate that the levels are 40 minutes. On balance I probably like it, although a result always helps in that respect !

If you can double up early on in these fast comps it really helps. This time I was gifted the doublage after raising with AA and being called in 4 spots. I bet 1000 on a flop of 873 rainbow (fairly safe looking) and the small blind check-raised all in for about 6000. I called him without much thought and he tabled 75. No more drama and as he walked off he said "that's what I put him on, Aces or Kings". Go figure. Once you're ahead of the game you usually just have to avoid losing two pots in a row, and I managed to do this despite some ups and downs to reach the final with an average stack of 40K.

However, with blinds at 2K-4K/400 the average stack constituted about 4 times the starting pot ! My kind of game :-). We lost two players and on the next break there was a lot of talk about a deal. If I learned something yesterday it was this : remind me to shoot myself if I ever even consider a 7-way deal again. In a moment of weakness I almost accepted one but managed to get a hold of myself just in time to a) play on and b) piss off half the table. Oh well. Despite only average luck on the all-ins (lost two from in front won two from behind) I made it 3-handed with about 25% of the chips, but then I finally did lose two in a row (one in front one coin flip) and that was that. 3rd for $1700 and as a bonus I now have an ITIN number application in the system. I'll talk about the way people play in these in more detail at some point but for now just note that most people suck in these $200 comps.


I'm done with the Venetian and I give it a thumbs up. Beautiful rooms, nice food and a reasonably well-run poker room. I'm now off to slum it in the Orleans for a couple of days. I could have won every tournament I played so far and I still wouldn't pay $600+ for a room on the Strip just because it's New Year. At least an afternoon off from poker will be good today, especially in my zombie-like state after being up till 3am last night. On Monday I'll be back on strip at Paris, which I thought I'd try as a change seeing as it's only 3 nights. My guidebook rates it as the very best value for money, which makes sense as I can't see Americans paying top whack to stay at the hotel of surrender-eating cheese-monkeys or whatever it is they call them. All in all it's nice to be here, nicer still because I'm up on the trip and nicest of all because I hear that football matches are being abandoned back home due torrential rain. Enjoy :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please sir, do u play on ladbrokes?

5:58 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

I'm not sure if I'm being levelled here in some way, but no, I don't.


6:07 PM  
Blogger Div said...

Don't miss the Paris TV channel with the guy doing all the safety and admin stuff in a horrific All-Allo style French accent. Fair cracked me up.

'In zee event of eh fayr...'

3:30 PM  

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