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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pulling Myself Together

What day is it today ? Wednesday ? Right, so on Monday night I watched Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 in my room (more about that later), which was moderately entertaining. Afterwards though I thought come on, I can watch DVDs all I want when I'm home. There's poker to be played here and if I pull myself together and concentrate again I can trouser a few more bucks.

So yesterday they added on a $300 second chance at 4pm. I ponied up and 8 hours later finished 6th/220 odd for $3200. The final was a little disappointing as I went in 2nd chip leader, but I wouldn't do anything different. All the money was in the top two again. I lost a coin flip for 40% of the chips when the button raised, I moved in with TT in the small blind and he called with AQ. That knocked me down to two big blinds and I was unable to pull off a patented speed tournament recovery. The field was quite interesting, mostly the usual mouth-breathers but there was a guy in the final who said he won $200K in the WCOOP and played $25-50 NL on Stars, which I believed, and also this guy, who finished 2nd in the WPT Championship for $1.9 mill when Roland was third. I hope he wasn't playing for $300 due to being busto as he was a nice guy. Although from what I saw I'd call him a good player rather than an exceptional one. Anyway there's another one today which I will probably spin up. These $300-500s are the value, no doubt. If only they would play 30 minute rounds in the main event I'd have a great chance.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 though, yes [moderate spoiler alert]. Johnny Depp's Keith Richards impression is always fun and another thing I liked was that the villain (a sort of undead squid thing) was Scottish. Makes sense really. That's two films I've seen lately (Casino Royale) with a non-English villain. I think two is Hollywood's quota for the whole year. What really annoyed me though was that a bunch of stuff was left hanging at the end. Why ? Why oh why ? I mean you expect this from like The Matrix Rebutchered, and fair enough Lord Of The Rings you stick to the story and no one wants to sit there for 10 hours but Pirates Of The Caribbean ? Or Spiderman 2 which does the same thing ? Is this really necessary ?

Consider the best sequel ever, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (obv). Did they leave the hero dead or alive (unresolved) ? Did they re-introduce a main character from the first film three seconds from the end ? No. They fucking didn't. In fact, correctly realising that they had achieved comic nirvana, there wasn't even any need for a third film. Their work was done, and done well. Everyone responsible for unresolved cliffhanger endings in popcorn explosion films should be rounded up at gunpoint and shot - in a bit. They'll have to wait till next year to find out. And pay another £5.50. Twats.


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