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Monday, January 15, 2007

Treading Water With The Devilfish

It's very quiet here today, as there is a $5000 WSOP Circuit tournament up the road at the Grand. When I was last here, in 2003, I went over to the Grand to play a Stud Hi-Lo event, which I found was full up. "Ok then, " I said, "can I buy in for tomorrow ?". "No. Registration starts at 8am, but it will probably be full by 8-30". Bye then. Don't ask me why you would schedule a festival at the same time as a festival at a nearby hotel and then make it as difficult as possible for anyone from that hotel to actually play. So I haven't been to the Grand this time. Otherwise, I'd have played the $5K, of course, even if I hadn't won here. Not :-)

Pokerpages gives us an indication of who is in the house. No doubt most of the names will be here for the $10K. If I see the guy in the top hat, I'll knock it off for him. And throw it in the river. Note picture of Devilfish, compared to this picture which the Goldstrike posted after his $100K win here (beat me by $30K, damn him). The Grand picture is how he actually looks now. I think he looked miles more intimidating before, but no doubt he has his reasons.

If I dare mention myself in the same breath as The Fish, that's two bracelets for jolly old England, which isn't bad seeing as I haven't met a single other Englishman in 10 days here. Some of the female staff here are extremely taken with my accent. One or two go as far as giggling and clapping their hands. "Say Wendy !" asked a waitress (called Wendy) at the deli the other day. I ought to be in there really but the accent deal works both ways and I can't understand a single word most of them are saying without making them repeat it three times and (leaving me) looking like a simpleton ...

As for poker I'm treading water really, and haven't been playing much. I tried the $500 second chance last night but wasn't at my best. I had all the chips in 50/50 on the flop pair and flush draw v overpair but missed it. Perhaps if I skip it tonight I can build back up to form in the rest of the week. (Not complaining overall but) I can't drag a pot in the single tables. Many of them pay two seats and I have tried a couple just to see what they are like, but when you bust out the first time you're all in they're much the same :-)

I think taking it easy is probably a good idea before the main event anyway. The make-up of the field should be interesting. There are unlikely to be any internet qualifiers at all. Let's face it, this isn't exactly Aruba. But they are running a lot of satellites on site. And a few fish have lucked their way in by winning preliminary tournaments. Finally I have sold/reserved most of the shares I was looking to sell but I could probably accomodate a few more people at $100 a time. You know, that'll be $15,000 if I win. Speculate to accumulate :-)


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