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Saturday, June 16, 2007

$2000 NL, Day 1 Dinner Break

Still hanging in there with 7900 chips. I would have had a chance to launch them in at 300-600/75 for half an hour before dinner but someone's chips disappeared on the break and they had to pack everyone off to try to sort it out. Hands of moderate interest :

Level 1, 25-50. Scandi makes it 150 2 off the button. I make it 500 with QQ in the SB. He reraises, must have been about 1600 total, and I decide nuts to this and shove for 4K total. He asks if he can show me his hand (to gain a reaction) and is told "No". At this point I think I'm good and try to subtly induce a call. Obviously too subtly because he folds. And shows me Kings. Later it transpired that he was from Finland, which as I understand it is not part of Scandinavia. But even so.

Level 4, 100-200/25. Chinese woman limps UTG and I make it 850 with AdQd behind her. All pass, she calls. Flop comes T62 with two diamonds. She donks 1500 and I shove (LDO) for 6K. She tanks, shows JJ and mucks. Some dude looks at me and says "AK diamonds ?". She says "No way, I wouldn't put all my chips in on a draw". No, but I think you'll find that what I would do is the key question here.

I was then moved to Devilfish's table, and enjoyed a typical fish grilling when I 3x-d his early position raise with AA. He finally tabled 66 and passed (he was quite short stacked to be fair so it was a close one). The Fish was in good form and friendly to me. So at least someone doesn't read this blog.

That put me around 14K but since then I haven't picked anything good up, and any time I've tried to nick I've been snapped off. So, we'll have a gamble once we restart and see what happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He asks if he can show me his hand (to gain a reaction) and is told "No"."
oh boy would i have loved to have seen your face if he'd got to table that, game over methinks

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno Julian, I did survive a grilling from the Devilfish without giving anything away (I think).

If he had been allowed to show, I would have been surprised if I had AA and surprised if I had QQ, so hopefully that wouldn't have blown it :-)


4:10 PM  

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