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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Balla-ing It Up

OK. First of all, for the next 10 days, you should either pretend this blog is called something else or, if the concept of getting it loudly does offend the senses, and I could understand that, peruse other areas of the Internet for the duration.

I like the Gold Coast, no problem with it, but I'm sorry, it just won't do after that result. Plus there are rather too many potential nippers in here right now. I'm staying here long enough to play day 1 on Monday then, whether I'm still in or not after that, it's Caesars from Tuesday-Sunday and Bellagio Sunday-Thursday. Unfortunately Bellagio is booked up until Sunday and even if I promise them major balla blackjack action they're not going to kick anyone out for me until they see the colour of my chips. Which is fair enough, and of course they're booked because of the WPT event starting Tuesday. But that's all fine, I can roll up on Sunday week and then half the point is to give them (the appearance of) balla blackjack action which should stand me in very good stead in the future. They would require me to put the whole 100K in action to wire it back for me, which is a bit much, so I'll probably still have to put my trust in the Rio not to fuck it up. This seems marginally safer than carrying it all back in my shoes. But only marginally.

So for anyone out here reading this, that's where I'll be. Unless you're on the nip of course. Then I'll be somewhere else.

Update : When I popped over to the Rio at about 7pm to sweat, they surprised me with an early dinner break, but that was good because I caught up with a few of today's runners for a quick meal at the Sushi restaurant in the Wynn, where I had by far the nicest meal of the trip so far, kobe beef carpaccio yum yum. And it's the first Vegas restaurant I've been to probably ever where they didn't bring me twice as much food as I normally eat in a day. Anyway, during the meal Mr. Big [1] advised that it's not worth playing blackjack at Bellagio for future considerations because you have to put huge amounts of money in play, so I'll probably just play some of the mixed cash games instead.

[1] John Duthie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice one buddy top notch cash, been reading your blog for years and no one on the internet speaks more sense than you about how to win mtt's. Deliberate decision to act the muppet since your win? or can we expect a return to normality soon

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I don't know about acting the muppet :-). It's just more a case of enjoying it while it's going well. You have to. Because the times will come when it's not, that's for sure.

Normal service will totally be resumed when I'm back, don't worry about that !

1:48 AM  

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