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Friday, June 29, 2007

$1000 Stud Hi-Lo (Dinner Break)

Still there with 1850 chips (started 2000). At the first break I was about to, in the words of an Email I received yesterday, kill myself and eat my dog. In that order. All the eggs were scooping everything. On the restart though, I found (88)833 against (??)75A with my opponent raising at every opportunity. Once he hit another low card on 6th and raised me again, I thought that it was so obvious what I had, he must either have a low or some crazy trip Aces plus low draw, so 6th and 7th both went bet-raise-call but he turned over a lower full house. It transpired that he was raising the shit out of two pair + a low draw.

All this relentless aggression finally caught up with him, and another egg, as it does in Stud 8, there are definitely times in this game where you have to turn down the heat. Unfortunately I lost the last hand with Queens against Chris the Armenian Express's rolled up 6s to drop back to 1850, but we're still there. Still waiting for that rush. Also on the table is Randall Skaggs, who you probably haven't heard of, but he can play Stud 8 alright, in fact it's a pleasure watching someone who actually plays one of the "other" games at an expert level.

Update : Busto obv. Crippled in a multi-way pot with the best low draw on 4th, paired up on 5th and then drew QJ. Marvellous. Made my stand with (8A)8 and Randall turned his (54)6, or something like that, into two pair. Oh well. At least I busted to the best player at the table for once. I will probably find enough excuses not to play till Sunday ($1000 SHOE). Now, where's that dog ...


Blogger beebee said...

Hi bruv, good luck for the main event, hope you had a great b'day doing what you enjoy... love, Belinda

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