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Monday, June 18, 2007

Six Appeal ($2500 Short-Handed)

I'm with Andy Bloch on this one. All tournaments should be like this (6-handed max). Or at least most of them, and you could have the occasional special 10-handed event for the nits. At a rough guess, you are dealt 50% more hands per hour, and you can play 50% more of those hands, so you play twice as many in total. I was very happy with the way I played but unfortunately it didn't work out.

We started 3-handed and I took about 2000 off this one guy in 15 minutes. I hit a fair few cards but I thought I pwned him pretty good. Finally a couple more players showed up. Then I busted some poor sod in a sick set-over-set coup, I flopped QQQ to his 555. At that point I had 12K. However I was soon coolered myself, AA v QQ on a Q high board, it all went in on the turn and I was back to 7K. I had reraised pre-flop making 1200 in the pot before the flop, so I really can't see how I can get away from this hand with only 4K more to bet. Then the pwned guy from before raised the button, I reraised with AK in the BB, he pushed, I called, he had KK. That was down to 4K, and then another 1500 went with AJ v a short stack's K6s. I worked it back up to 4500 at 100-200 before getting all in with AJ v TT in a blind-vs-blind coup and I missed, gg me.

And it wasn't just that I could play a lot of hands, there were two guys on the table (Tony Cousineau and "Hollywood Dave" if you know them) who were very funny, never crossing the line though, and it was one of the most fun tables I have ever played on. Every dealer was gutted when he was pushed onto a boring table :-). So all in all I feel surprisingly upbeat about doing $2500 in three hours. I gave it my best shot, it didn't work out, but it was fun. As I said, if only all tournaments were like this.


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