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Sunday, June 17, 2007

LOL Something Or Other

Amusing hand from a rinky-dink satellite I played in this evening. Three-way on the turn, geezer bets 150, another guy calls, and the third guy moves in for 425. Wait a minute - he's left a 25 chip on his cards. So that's not all in yet. You can probably tell where this is going. The other two call. River pairs the board or something, what am I pokernews, check check ha ha ha I bet 25 all in, roll eyes towards ceiling fold, hold chip in one eye like a pirate for some reason and ... fold.

At this point I should call everyone donks and say my head exploded but they were nice enough guys and what do I know because I busted 3rd leaving the two of them heads up. Pretty funny though. If the other guy had shown a bluff he would have ruled supreme.

I'm going to play the Venetian tomorrow, probably, it was a bit annoying to go down there today to register and be told they weren't taking money till 6pm. At least I'd been to the Mall for some headphones (sweet) and a couple of books that seem very interesting so far. I bumped into the Boatman brothers just now and Ross is still in the $2000 with 3 tables left so good luck to him ; and I'm going to post some technical stuff on the Secrets blog either tonight or tomorrow morning if anyone's interested.


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