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Saturday, June 16, 2007

$2000 NL, Busto

Went out around 175th, 153 paid. Was a bit annoying, not because of being close to the money, but because the lineup was pretty soft, only Julian Gardner was really a threat but the average stack was 35K playing 800-1600/200 so there wasn't much room for error. Hands after the break :

Can't remember the blinds exactly but I pushed with M6 two off the button with ATs, Julian called me in the BB with AJ and I flopped a ten to double up to around 16K.

400-800/100, I make it 2300 on the button with KK. Big blind calls. Flop comes KK8 and before I can even think about how to get paid he sticks me all in (with A8). Yes, really. Sweet !

Bustout hand, 800-1600/200, I make it 4500 out of 30K on the button with AJ. The small blind raises to 20K. This is such a clear call online or against any aggressive reraiser. However, this guy might have been tight enough for me to let it go. I dwelled a bit, shoved in the rest, was shown QQ and lost, gg me. Oh well, AJ on the button with M7, can't lose too much sleep over that. Annoying though because I was planning to raise the button with any 2, so 90% of the time I just let him have it.

Overall it was good fun. I had a soft table early on, found it more difficult in the middle stages but once the antes really started to bite felt comfortable again. Considering I had average chips with 200 players left out of 1600 and I'd only won one race (and lost a small one), I think I gave myself every chance and we'll probably try again on Monday ($2500 short handed).


Anonymous Peter B said...

UL Andy:

Then again, if I'd been there, anything after the AT against Julian for me would have been gravy....

Any news on the RIO Tent Pavilion 95 degrees disgrace?


9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

To be honest it was all gravy from about half an hour in, when the guy laid down his Kings. But we're not allowed to switch off just because we get lucky :-). It's all about capitalising to the max when we do.

I'm not annoyed this morning, even though the bustout hand last night was definitely a mistake, brought on by tiredness (which is excusable) and lack of preparation (which isn't). The latter will be fixed over the next couple of days.

As for news, well, it was 95 degrees in the Rio Tent Pavilion yesterday. Which was a disgrace :-). If you're online, you're probably better informed than I am wandering about the Amazon room. There are just so many people around it's hard to know what was going on. However, this must be a problem to the point of being actionable. You can't expect people to play in 95 degrees, and on top of that move them into a 65-70 degree room at any moment. It must be a health risk. We'll see what happens. I'm not playing the $1500 today which will be mad.


4:08 PM  

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