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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't Make Me Angry

I don't want to moan because I'm in a good mood and up for playing as much as possible for a week or two but I hate stuff like this. Today's no limit final will be 10 handed instead of the usual 9 because, according to Pokerpages :

"The obvious focus will be on Phil Hellmuth, who is in the hunt for his record 12th bracelet. ESPN made the unusual decision to stop play last night while there were still ten players, so they could guarantee another appearance of The Poker Brat on their broadcast. "

This decision has been made by someone who either doesn't understand how this changes the game or doesn't care. I don't know which is worse. You can't just wish the bubble away because you want a famous player in the final, that's blatant favouritism. Would they have stopped it if Hellmuth (who is the 2nd shortest stack) was chip leader and bullying the shit out of everybody ? If I was the chip leader here I would be spitting blood at this decision, if this is really what happened.

What I like about poker is that there usually isn't any of this crap to deal with. It doesn't matter who you are, the rules are the same, the buyin's the same, if you have the buyin you can sit down and play on an equal playing field with anyone. As long as ESPN aren't involved, it seems. I'm glad I didn't play that event, and as for Hellmuth, how much is it worth, bragging about how many bracelets you have, when the floor is bending over backwards to help you.

Update : Uncorroborated reports indicate that Hellmuth lost money in this tournament through over-insuring his hands with Ivey. If that's true, it would rule so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember a similar thing happening at the EPT event in Deauville a few years back when Isabel Mercier, the Pokerstars baby, was short stacked with one to go for the final - instead of 5:5 as usual it was suddenly a ten-handed table. That this was done to try and ensure her tv covered final presence was never admitted, but it did cause a stink at the time. It seems that the sponsors/tv knobs are the ones really holding the cards when it comes to deciding poker players futures and potential cash returns from a major event.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if mercier had a bell-end she wouldnt be given a $ sponsorship money, she's an evil bitch who cannot comprehend the game of poker

5:06 PM  

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