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Saturday, June 23, 2007

$2000 Pot Limit (Bustoooooo)

LOL foldaments. This was a good tournament for me to play today, in pot limit it's more difficult to have a rush of blood and murder all your chips in one go so I played a lot better than yesterday when I think I was a bit off the pace. As in the short-handed, I had a good start, peaking at 6800 after winning 3 or 4 pots (from starting 4K). Then I went card dead and over the next three hours basically made Laurie Butters look like Neel Chudasarma (one for the Luton old-schoolers there). I was moved to a funereally slow table and after that broke, onto a new table where the entire game revolved around everyone trying to bust this one guy who was so bad.

He should have busted me with a monster draw on the turn against my set but he managed to check-call it and check the river when he hit, leaving me with 3K. I moved tables again and made the most of my freeroll by doubling up with KK in the small blind against the button's AJ. I just called his raise, the flop came AA2 check check, and the turn a King, when we smashed it all in obv. Then I won another pot with Aces against a rather hopeful KJ on a J high flop, nicked a couple, check-raised Kenna James off a K53 flop holding 44 and that brought me up to 15K.

Then a Scandi raised in the hi-jack (Martin Wendt was at the table and this guy was talking to him a lot like they obviously knew each other), I reraised 2K in the BB with Queens and he made it about 5K more. I'd already seen him make a big bluff, and show it, so I elected to shove. He called with AKs, flop AAJ, gg me once again.

I was disappointed for all of about 2 minutes. I played much better today like I said, gave myself every chance and busted in an unavoidable coin-flip coup. Winning that pot would have given me double the average chips with about 160 players left. But it wasn't to be, so next up it's the $1500 mixed limit/no limit on Sunday afternoon.


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