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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Props To Eli

It turns out all these prop bets were initiated by Eli Elezra. If I can summarize the conversation in forum speak, it would have gone something like this :

Faces - LOL donkaments, I bet we could win like 5 bracelets each we're so balla. But of course we won't because we're too busy playing 50 million - 100 million against each other.

Elezra - O RLY ? Bracelet prop bets for rollz, suckas

Faces - You're on. Structures are OK right Daniel ?

Negreanu - What, you think I would make a big deal about appointing myself onto the advisory committee and then take a completely slapdash approach to doing the actual work ? Come on.

(2 weeks later)

Faces : ZOMG you won't believe these donks we need to move up to $50K HORSE where they'll respect our raises. And who approved these fucking structures ? Hey Eli, buy out the bets, right ?

Elezra : STFU noobs, haha pwned.

And then to top it off, Elezra himself wins a bracelet in Stud Hi-Lo drunk off his ass. Results : Elezra 10000000 Faces 0, and Elezra goes up about 90 notches in my opinion. Well done that man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the last guy said: this is great stuff and keep it coming. And gl in getting deep sometime soon.

1:08 AM  

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