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Monday, July 02, 2007

$1000 SHOE End Of Day One (Not Busto !!!)

ot*Applause*. Don't go nuts though. I have 2500 chips, and we'll be playing 600-1200 Stud on the restart. However, the average is only 10K so if I win my push-and-pray hand it could be game on. I'll add my thoughts of the day in the morning.

Update : This has been fun so far. The only thing more boring than NL hand histories is limit hand histories so I'll spare you them. I inched my way up to 5500 without ever managing to yard my way back to nothing like I usually do in the NL. Then I tried to play 3 pots of Limit Hold-em against Matt Matros out of position, with predictable results. 30 minutes of short-stacked Omaha 8 insanity ended up with no net gain or loss, and then I only found one spot in the final Stud 8 level to put it in, and split it thanks to rivering a low.

In the house today : Matt is a nice guy but I really wish he wasn't on my immediate left again tomorrow. Cyndy Violette was super nice, a decent player and a total MILF all in one bouncy little package :-). I was briefly on a table with Chris Ferguson again. At the other end of the spectrum, my favourite egg was the guy who berated his Hold-em opponent for beating him with A4s. "A4s ! That's a crap hand !". Then we switched to Omaha, and in quick succession the coach showed down Q665, 9772, J773 etc., naturally bumbling into half the pot each time. I guess he only gave Hold-em lessons. And in the "Typical Pokerstars" hand of the day, Warren had an unfortunate hand against another English player whose Stud High board read AcKcQcJc. He bet the river blind, Warren called, and the guy flipped over the last card, Tc obv.

Unfortunately, still being in the tournament means I can't play in this. Which is a shame. This was my chance to put in $125 dead money and annoy the crap out of all the proper players by babbling "ooh this is fun. What, three darts from this line here ? Do I have to start with a double ? What if we both get down to 1 what happens then ha ha ? Oh is it my turn ?". And so on.


Blogger beebee said...

Hi bruv, good luck for the main event, hope you had a great b'day doing what you enjoy... love, BW

9:32 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Thanks Belinda, hope everything's going well and see you soon when I get back.

3:16 AM  
Blogger Bankerbob said...


At last.....................

"Cyndy Violette was super nice, a decent player and a total MILF all in one bouncy little package :-)."


While your poker updates are great, no update from LV should go more than 12hrs without some reference to filth.

Well done. Get it all loudly, and get some updates from Cheaters, if you please.


8:37 PM  

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