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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Life Begins !

I had a day off yesterday because, as the title suggests, it was my birthday. We had an excellent meal in Corsa (in the Wynn), great company, thanks very much to everyone for coming. Now today, of course, I'm having a day off as well through not quite being in tip-top shape for 14 hours of poker :-). I might play the limit HE / Stud 8 tournaments on Stars in a bit as practice for tomorrow's SHOE, and maybe a single table or two tonight.

Time is catching up on me and it looks like I can't do too much more damage. Hooray ! Probably just the $1000 SHOE tomorrow, $1500 Limit Shootout on Tuesday and then the Main Event. If by some freak of chance I don't make like day 7 of the ME, I'll decamp to the strip and play Venetian/Caesars etc., or maybe just do some touristy Vegas stuff instead, it is allowed. I heard that the Bellagio evening tournaments play through till 7am the next day, with a 5am bubble, so they don't sound so appetising !

I'll probably post some kind of WSOP recap when I'm done, maybe even before the ME as that's really a special case. I haven't had too many problems at the table myself but I've just heard so many stories, in person and online, about people having an attitude this year. And I'm talking about everybody. Players, dealers, floor, press, railbirds, there's an awful lot of aggression in the air and not enough of it is being properly channelled through betting and raising. I do think there are a lot of people here who aren't enjoying themselves, for whatever reason, and that's a shame.

PS I nearly forgot, Jon Shoreman is chip leader in the 2-7 Triple Draw, gogogo Jon !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, Very best of British for the Main Event. I have a feeling that if you sell me a mere 1% of your action for an inflated $200 you will make the final table. Interested? E-mail me. Richard "No Leaks"

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Email sent. If anyone else would like the same deal, Email me or add a comment here.


4:07 AM  
Blogger Fred Titmus said...

Crowds are forming round the block.

2:14 PM  

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