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Friday, December 14, 2007

LOL Photoshopaments

Over on 2+2 there is a thread containing some of the funniest photoshops I have ever seen. Really top quality. Here's the thread. The fun starts at reply 125 and it just gets better and better. I think my favourite is the one where the dealer has just called Eli a calling station and Harman and Doyle are giving him the evil eye.

Best of all for me though there's one at the end (at time of posting), reply 213 where it's Ram thinking "He played horribly, but don't expect me to give him his money back". The pic was taken just after Ram beat me heads up in that limit shootout. I played horribly ! Shit, the guy must have been there ...

PS Get Real (2) will follow when I'm angry enough about something again.


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