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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Final !

Minor funkage today for Jon Kalmar, who everyone tells me is one of the good guys. I'm slightly disappointed to see that after wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt (ironically no doubt) on Day 4 and a Stiff Little Fingers shirt on Day 5, come Day 6 he was kitted out in Full Tilt gear :-(. It would be good for poker in the UK too, although I don't usually go for this "I'm totally funking for this because it might be 1% beneficial to me in future irrespective of the personal and ethical qualities of who I'm funking for". It's like cheering on Chelsea in the Champions League just because it improves the English clubs' coefficient or some such bollocks. But anyway Skalie sounds alright so I will stress that I'm not directly comparing him to Chelsea :-)

Also some minor funkage for chip leader Philip Hilm, who was on my table on Day 2. He was in the most bizarre hand I saw in the ME, here it is, I'm going to make no attempt to editorialize it because it's just too strange. A geezer in early position wearing a Tam O'Shanter (lol donkaments, no stop editorializing), throws in a 5K chip without saying anything (blinds are 800-1600/200). Dealer says "call", he says "oh no I meant to raise", usual shenanigans. It's ruled a call. Obv three people call behind him including Hilm. Flop comes King high with 2 diamonds. Big blind bets out 3K. TOS raises it to 10K. Hilm raises it to 30K. Blind gets out, TOS calls. Turn is basically a blank. I'm so pokered out I can't quite recall who bet and who called, but anyway 30K more is shipped in by each player. Turn is the Ad. TOS now checks. Hilm pushes in his remaining 20K, TOS calls. Hilm shows the nuts, Q bit of diamonds. TOS shows, erm, K8. Kings with an 8 kicker.

That's not the reason for the funking though. The funking is simply because when my steal reraise attempt was called and I pushed forward my 75 offsuit, one finger on each card Action Dave style, Hilm laughed (good-naturedly) and said "good luck". I'd like to think that he recognised a kindred spirit.

Update : Hilm first player out. Top bokking !


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