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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Main Event Day 2 (Busto)

Busto. Nothing to work with. Unfortunately my post-flop play isn't good enough to accumulate chips without hitting hands. Pre-flop I'm fine, which is how I was operating today most of the time, stealing and re-stealing with air just to keep up. But eventually someone found Jacks and that was that. Basically in 17 hours of play I never had a hand that could stand the action when I was reraised. Not even AK. I had Aces once, 3x-d the guy's raise and he passed. Kings twice, no action either time. I hung in as long as I could waiting for that rush but it didn't happen. I'll post some more thoughts on the trip overall when that's sunk in, but basically I had all my luck in one tournament, and if you could choose how to use your luck, that's what you would want !

I'm here for another week and if I don't play another hand of poker that sounds fine right now. Also I made my debut at the craps tables last night, in that quality establishment the Imperial Palace. Fortunately we lost and I decided that dice sucks, which is a brilliant result in the long term.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad luck, old bean. Still, you are $100k up on most of the ME field!

2:29 PM  

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