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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Main Event Day One

That was a tough day. Where were all the donks I was promised ? Well OK, there were one or two, but I was stuck between two super-tough players all day. High water mark was 33K, lowest was 12K and I have 22K going into tomorrow which is a nice reraising stack.

Definite hand of the day, the antes have just kicked in so I raise it up with 96ss, one caller, a super-loose Central American looking guy with a huge stack. Flop comes 874 with two spades, so basically gin :-). I bet 1200 into about a 3K pot, deliberately small to give me room for a 3-bet shove. He obliges, making it 4500, and I shove for 15K total. He calls in three seconds with Jc9c. Flush on the river, ship it.

All in all it was good fun, if draining, and I am happy to say that there were no shenanigans at all on our table, no angle-shooting, no whoop-whooping, no tantrums, nothing like that. There were three excellent players to deal with, and two or three more who were very competent. All under 30 years old, obv. There were a few weaker spots, nothing too lol donkaments, but a few players who overplayed Aces post-flop, gave free cards by slowplaying when they really shouldn't have, and a couple who simply cracked up towards the end of a 15-hour day. I'm still there for tomorrow's rush, that's the main thing !


Blogger beebee said...

What? Playing poker is hard work??? ;-) Good luck for the next game, all crossable body parts are crossed x BW

10:32 PM  
Anonymous peter b said...

Reraise? Hah! Wait for the squeeze play from the BB and triple up with KK against QQ and 5-2 off.

Although I'd be a bit worried about the 5-2.....

GL Andy. The hard part's over. All you need now is a little bit of fate on your side. And we all know that God favours the extravagant...

Balla on.


8:20 PM  

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