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Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting It Loudly

Bouncing around Vegas with 100K is fun :

I initiated the wire transfer from the Rio today. Predictably, it took ages with tons of paperwork. Anyway, I asked the cashier what guarantees I would have if there was a problem. She didn't quite seem to understand the question. On further prompting she said, "We are a major corporation sir. This is Harrah's".

I feel reassured already.


We bumped into Padraig and Veronique in the Wynn the night after the final. Padraig rules and, on a first meeting, so did Veronique. She was telling Neil and me how she busted out of the Ladies Event with 84 suited, much to our approval. "I wonder who taught you that ?" joked Neil. "I know who got the blame for it" was Padraig's response.


I was very pleased to see "Purle, William" in the Main Event runners list today. At 8am the morning after the night before I was completely unable to drag him away from the roulette table for breakfast. Despite the 115 degree heat here in Vegas, I was feeling a definite nip in the air ...


John Duthie, or Mr. Big as Neil calls him, is certainly living it to the max here in Vegas. No cabs for JD, he is swishing around in a Rolls Royce ! As is befitting for the man who lays a good claim to making the sickest play of all the World Series so far. Facing a 17K bet on the river in a cash game, John decided that his opponent "didn't have it" and called with Queen high. Opponent had Jack high, ship it. Phil Laak was so impressed by this that he wrote down the hand details on his phone, "including suits", just to make sure that people would believe him when he recounted the tale.


Here are some of my favourite threads and links from this year's series if you've missed any of them. If there is a common theme, it can only be that online players rule and circuit pros suck.

Nobody calls Earl a chicken

Everybody calls Esposito a chicken - this one is my favourite of all.

Should you call with AA on the first hand ? A 2+2er resolves the eternal dilemma. Or does he ?

Taylor Caby nails it - He's right. The online players have all the mobney and it's more like going back to school every year. And is that really Mike Matusow with the penultimate comment ? Good impression if it's not.

From the pokerpages account of the Limit Shootout final :

"There are two railbirds, clearly intoxicated, who are cheering/heckling Ram Vaswani. I can't tell which! On a big hand between Ram and David Mosca, in which the board was 5-5-4-Q-4, Ram bet 40K on the river and one of the railbirds said, "Yeah! Good bet, Ram!" Vaswani just snickered. Mosca made the crying call and Vaswani turned over 4-4 for quad fours. Mosca lost a significant portion of his stack from that hand. "Hey, Ram," continued the drunk, "did you play good, Ram?"

All fairly standard except that the drunk in question was Johnny Lodden :-). I quite like the vibe on Pokerpages with their reporting. I know Pokernews have all the hands, and they have some good people on their team, but the PP reporters are laid back, quite funny sometimes, and have a decent understanding of the game. They don't feel obliged to suck up to Harrah's, and in fact are all caning the Gaming Expo, especially their female correspondents, understandably. Most of all though, they were nicer to me about the heads up :-).

Also on Pokerpages, Michal Cheser. Standard too, in fact very perceptive, but what I love about this is that Pokerpages felt it was necessary to stress at the top that this was a joke, and you aren't a bunch of donks, oh no. So, ironically, the one ME comment piece that was accurate had to be portrayed as a work of satire so as not to upset everyone.

With that, it only remains to say LOL donkaments and watch out for me on day 1D tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

Congrats on the big cash. keep up the blogging. Gutted i can't be there, but your ramblings are keeping me entertained. Just thought i'd try and off set your bit of luck by telling you that I saw Tori Amos at the Hammersmith Apollo last week. Bloody brilliant. Hope you've got the new album. It's great.

Anyway, good luck in the ME.



10:35 PM  

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