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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Morning After

Some have said that it's the worst day of the year, the day you are knocked out of the Main Event. Well, that depends how much you invest in it emotionally. I was a bit annoyed for about an hour, went out for dinner, played some blackjack, went to bed, now fine. I do think that I had a bad beat with the draw on Day 1. I've heard and read about a lot of donktastic antics in the first day or two, but unfortunately I didn't see a lot at my tables.

Here's an example, a day one trip report from the excellent Bond18. This guy definitely knows how to play, and writes damn good trip reports. Day two is also worth reading on the same forum. So anyway, he's doubled up early with a set, ran over the table all day, and finally had someone shove a huge stack in with AK against his Aces out of pique because someone called the clock. Where was all that on my table ? LOL. Oh well. At the end he says he flopped five sets, had Aces twice and Kings three times during the day. I flopped no sets, had Aces once and Kings once and won about 3K with the pair of them. What can you do ?

Anyway, the juggernaut rolls on, and for (the many) assorted stakehorses and attention whores who busted out, there's also the Bellagio $10K going on right now. From pokerpages coverage of that :

"The number of players complaining about the month they have spent in Vegas has grown tiresome. This is a 10k WPT tournament that thousands would sacrifice a thumb for the chance at a chip and a chair. If you'd don't like it go home! Vegas is sick of you too!"

Damn straight. If you don't want to play any more, bugger off home. Or there are other things to do in Vegas. Which I shall be going out to do in a moment. And of course today we are funking for The Guvnor (270K), Mr Big (280), Al R (120 odd IIRC), Tristan (100), Bad Beat (90) and The Camel (35). Gogogo !

Finally, one more snippet for you though, Paul "Action" Jackson's account of, among other things, the Limit Shootout. I suppose you should just read it for yourself, I'm through with editorialising this kind of thing, it always gets back to people. Anyway, my chimpanzee dollars arrived in the bank this morning. Ship it !