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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Media Madness

Although this piece is football-related, I think it belongs on here because of the connection with the previous post. I'm sure you know all about Paul Gascoigne's situation. They were having a discussion about this on Radio 5 earlier this evening, which started off with all "the football family must rally round its most talented son" etc etc. Round the table this went until Steve Claridge as much as said "No, that's bollocks". He clarified that while of course Gascoigne's friends and family should help him as best they can, the "football family" had no more responsibility to Gascoigne than to any other ex-players who were struggling for whatever reason. In fact, he added, perhaps less so because Gascoigne has had many chances before, and because many of his problems are self-inflicted. Claridge said that he felt much more sympathy for players who had their careers ended in their teens through injury, or kids in Childrens' Hospitals, etc.

Further to this, Stan Collymore then called in to the programme and backed this up, saying that he felt he had received very little support from "the football family" through all his problems because, in effect, he wasn't as popular as Gascoigne. Now, whatever you think about these points, I applaud both Claridge and Collymore for coming out and saying something that is so different to the tune you usually hear. Claridge also had the self-respect to say "No, that's complete nonsense" in response to a comment someone had texted in, by Christ I wish the rest of them would do that once in a blue moon. You might agree or disagree, but don't forget that both Claridge and Collymore have had their problems with various addictions, and frankly I had more time for their point of view than the guy from Sporting Chance who is making god knows how much a week every time someone like Gascoigne checks in.

As for most of the print media, they can basically go and fuck themselves. When it's lovable old Gazza, let's all rally round and help him out. Which is all very well but when it's Collymore, or Frank Bruno springs to mind, it's let's all point and laugh and shout "OY NUTTER !!". It's pathetic playground crap.


Blogger MackemPlus1 said...

Well said re: Claridge and Collymore comments. While Claridge's mangling of the English language annoys the living shit out of me, he has shown a welcome willingness to say what he thinks.

7:46 PM  

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