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Friday, December 03, 2004

Things To Do Before You Die (1)

Score a goal at Loftus Road !

I have signed up for the next Football Aid event at QPR. Yes, I will be treading the hallowed turf of Loftus Road for 90 minutes. As trodden by Les Ferdinand, Ray Wilkins, Devon White, etc. As the two "midfield general" spots have been snapped up, I will be spearheading the home team's attack !

This is going to happen in May sometime so I'll keep you posted. In the meantime it's a great incentive for me to improve my fitness - by poker standards I'm already Mr Motivator, but by 90-minutes-on-a-full-size-pitch standards I could probably use some improvement.

It might sound like a lot of money but what the hell, I've spunked that off in poker tournaments I wasn't qualified to play in at least a dozen times. And this will money will certainly end up in a more deserving pocket !


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