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Thursday, July 06, 2006


I met Felicia and Glenn on Tuesday, it was great to talk to them. Felicia was teasing the guy who runs the satellites about his past life as a male escort. The highlight of his escorting career, he said, was taking Bette Davis to a party in California. "Did you get lucky ?" someone asked. "Not with Bette Davis," he replied :-). I can think of worse ways to make a living !

The Orleans are doing their best here, rake is reduced and you are given a $5 food comp irrespective of how long you last. Every little helps ! 3% goes to the dealers but the floor staff don't take any at all, everything's up front and you know what's going on. I was happy to give an extra 2% last night, seeing that the tournament was only raked 7.5% in the first place (including the comp). Compare and contrast with the Rio where (I am told) they are taking 2.5% (it's not stated on any of the documentation) but where it goes is anyone's guess. One dealer told me (hearsay ok ?) that $230,000 that was due to the dealers last year "went missing". On top of that, an English player told me yesterday that he wasn't allowed to play in a $1500 event until he also coughed up $2500 tax that he "owed" from winnings last year. So much for the tax treaty !

Pete B points out that if Hellmuth wins today he will be "unbearable". No doubt. But who says you have to listen ? Ignore all the hype and bollocks and it won't make you angry. Let's face it, by not reading CardPlayer, online interviews and the like, it's not as though I'm missing any great insights is it ? I skim Pokerpages for 5 minutes every morning to see if anyone I like has won or is in contention, and that's it. For the rest, they can manage without me. If you read the blogs you will have a much more accurate picture than the winner-centric PR puff. In fact you will see that several excellent players can easily have a run of no cashes. Here are some of the better ones :

Terrence Chan
Matt Maroon
(although more sensibly Matt doesn't appear to be playing any poker at all)
Chris Fargis
Rob Sherwood

and a couple who haven't arrived yet but should be worth reading when they do :

Ben Grundy
Julian Thew

Finally I moved tables a couple of days ago and the player next to me spotted my Faith Chip (third row down on the right). "That's not in play, right ?" he asked. I had to tell him. Jesus is always in play.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

It was great seeing you, too.

Glenn did cash in that event, btw.

I was eight from the money in the second O8 event, and Glenn was 15 from the money in his second NLHE event. Oy!

I forgot how grueling tournament poker can be.

2:59 AM  

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