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Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 2 - Busto

Made it to level 8 when I reraised the cut-off's raise allin with KQ. He thought for about a minute and called with - AK. I lose, down to 1000, and lose that on the next hand. Hasta la vista baby, somewhere around 98th. Funnily enough I'd have had a better chance with 64 or 62, both of which I had moved in with earlier in the tournament. It's a shame if only because I was enjoying myself and now I've got to sit around here flicking my plums for two more days.

Cool dudes I played with : Chau Giang, Mark Seif, Hoyt Corkins

Dorks I played with : Vinny Vinh

Other dorks : Negreanu, who this morning I saw shouting at the minimum waged staff because they didn't have any fucking tofu or something, the dick. There, I feel better for that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
your right about Daniel Nemoano, his blog is hilarious, this bloke is gonna total crack eventually, i reckon March 2008 could be the time. Without God im shite yet from what ive seen and heard last week God wouldnt be altogether to pleased with him, hilarious. Congrats on your festival
lionel H

1:25 AM  

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