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Friday, December 03, 2004

More Than A Suspicion

Football fans and sports bettors, Check this out . So two teams who have virtually been eliminated from a competition record a 5-2 result after "significant" sums have been wagered on this scoreline ? That's not suspicious, Bayes' theorem tells us that is completely bent beyond any reasonable doubt. 5-2 is not a football scoreline that anyone would put a straight bet on.

If this is true (that significant sums were wagered) then both of these clubs should be banned from European football forever. End of story.

4/12 Update Talking to a few people "in the know" last night it seems that a lot of money was wagered on several of the higher scorelines rather than just 5-2. It still stinks though, and apparently there was another coup on a Benfica game this week. UEFA have to act, although to an extent they have brought it on themselves by creating a tournament structure that does render some fixtures meaningless to the teams concerned.


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