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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Up All Night

Eked out 5th in Luton's Friday Night Freezeout last night for £350 profit. I couldn't complain about my luck overall (having knocked AA off with KK on a rag flop in the first level, K on the turn !) but as usual, one more 50/50 won might have made a big difference. Nil desperandum though, I quite enjoyed it and my Short Stack Strategy really does work, mechanical as it is, I was only in trouble when I deviated from it.

Three hands of moderate interest : firstly the Fish of the Week, the big blind posts 1200 leaving him 200 left. There's a limper, I go all in for about 8K and the BB looks at his cards casually and tosses them into the muck in one smooth movement. He's passing up 20-1 on these chips ! Limper folds too (after a lame attempt to talk a reaction out of me) and I rake it in. If anyone's not clear on this, there does come a time when you have to move your chips in even when you know you don't have the best hand boys and girls. The only hand you can fold here is the Joker and the Rules of Bridge card.

Moody of the Week goes to me, thank you very much. Circumstances beyond my control dictate that I am going to push all in from the small blindwith any two if it's folded to me. When it is, I take a look just for show, and find QQ. Now what am I going to do ? I move it all in anyway, anything else will look super-suspicious, and the BB goes into the tank. I could really use a double up here and he looks like he's leaning towards folding so I have to do something, anything, to change his mind. A couple of times earlier on I was caught out with T9, so I ask him "can you beat T9 ?". That throws him completely and he says "Erm, I can't answer that without revealing my hand". After a bit more cogitation he calls with - T9 ! The flop gives him a flush draw which would have served me right but I dodged it.

And finally Pokerstars Special of the Week goes to Lord Miros. I raise his blind with 99, "The Bastard" (but not the Poker Bastard !) calls. Flop comes 875, he bets about 15K and I go all in for about 10K more. Now he starts to squirm and has to call the rest with KJ. Turn 6. River 9. Marvellous.

So I bust out 5th and it turns out Bill was 4th, being unable to compete with Tom "I never get dealt a hand" Myland picking up AA, QQ, KK and AA again in about an hour, and being paid in full each time. Not a bad night, but rolling in at 4-30 am is not something I can do on a regular basis very often ! I'll give the festival a swerve this week, good luck to you if you're playing.


Blogger Lord Miros said...

Hi Andy,

I was very surprised at the play of the geezer who knocked you out. He seemed to know what he was doing, yet his entire tournament strategy seemed to revolve around getting repeatedly lucky. After cracking the KK with T9, he made a very odd call with T6 which wasn't exactly obligatory given the stack sizes. I thought his call against you with 22 was particularly filthy. Calling a massive all-in bet with a small pair is always the mark of a rotten player, in my mind at least. We played 4-handed for an eternity, then yer man was only too willing to call a 30,000 reraise with 67o, which inevitably turned my AK to ashes.

Obviously the weasels then chopped it up as soon as I was out. As the Pokerbastard might say - tossers!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Nothing much surprises me any more concerning how badly people are capable of playing. And nothing could surprise me less than those three chopping it up. I would never have chopped with any of them still in, and I'm sure you wouldn't either. There's no justice sometimes !


6:24 PM  

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