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Friday, January 07, 2005

Never say Never

So I seem to be back on the Mob Forum at least for the time being. I'm quite touched by the support I have had in the Bez/Celebrity Big Brother thread, I've never had so many people agree with me on there before :-). I really think the original poster was in the wrong place. Their whole "Won't somebody please think of the children" attitude will get the shortest of shrift from poker players, most of whom have completely rejected the house-mortgage-2.4 kids-work-TV-sleep-work-TV-sleep lifestyle (one of the great things about poker) and only really care about the current odds on Betfair. And quite right too. Bez is a legend all the same.

I will probably regret pitching in to 1808-gang and tournament-structure threads on there just now, two topics which excite people much more than they should (even more than normal). But I'm bored, having had a tactical power-nap this afternoon before going out to play (works wonders I do recommend it) there'll be no sleep for me before 1am so I'm pretty much stuck here.


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