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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let's Have a Bet Then

There's not much point me chirping about The Camel's bets if I'm not prepared to put my own head on the block with a few tips ! And so, here's a bet for you. Back Everton in whichever Premiership market takes your fancy. On Betfair they are currently 70 to win, 6.2 to finish top three, and 3.55 betting without Arsenal, Chelsea and ManYoo. Their upcoming fixtures are as follows :

(A) Blackburn
(H) Man City
(A) Charlton
(A) Tottenham
(H) Charlton
(H) Norwich
(A) Southampton

prior to playing Chelsea (H) on February 12th. Not the toughest fixture line up you must agree ! On the basis of choosing the market with the smallest margin, I'm going for £50 at 3.55 * betting without Chelsea, ManYoo and Arsenal. Everton are currently 7 points clear of Middlesboro, 11 ahead of Aston Villa and 12 ahead of Liverpool (who are shorter odds at 3.35). They have no European distraction (unlike Boro and Liverpool), money to spend in the transfer window, and a top manager, who looks a bit like me. What more do you want ? Lump it on with the option of selling it back before they play Chelsea.

* Now 3.45 because I've already taken it. Insider dealing ? You bet !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The temptation to post on THM forum: 'Everton are currently the second best team in the country. FACT' has been immense. I've resisted the temptation because I don't wish to sound like a sad twat.

Speaking of sad twats, I've done a worse case scenario points prediction for Everton until the end of the season. Whichever way I look at it and taking into account the apparent inability of anyone outside the top four to make a sustained challenge, I've reached a figure of 69 points. This has always been enough to finish fourth in the league.

In theory, Liverpool should be the big threat but having seen them on Saturday, I was left thinking: 'Is that all you've got?'. Take Gerrard out of that team (which may occur in January) and they're a mid-table side at best. Middlesbrough look a potential threat but they'd have to put together a phenomenal run until the end of the season to edge Everton out of the top 4.

I wouldn't place too much emphasis on possible transfer targets. Our chairman is dishonest to his core and has been lying about potential investment into the club, as well as refusing to reveal the full extent of the club's financial difficulties. We may borrow against the second Rooney instalment, but even that's not a given.

Having said all that, I've heard that James Beattie in January is a done deal, so what do I know.


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