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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


In order to inject some much-needed Christmas cheer to this diary, I must say that I played the £100 PL freeze-out in Luton last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the classic 12th place at 2am finish. The reason I enjoyed it so much is that I made a very conscious effort to play the players more than the cards, to manipulate and be aware of my table image, to try to read players, generally all the things I stopped (or never even started) doing out of laziness because I thought I could win without them. Of course not every move came off, but enough to be profitable, and more to the point I was able to use the ones I made a hash of for advertising. There was one I was very pleased with, there's a pair on board and I check-raise representing trips only to be found out and made to pass. 10 minutes later I limp on the button with QTs, flop comes TTx, and I play it exactly the same and double through some poor guy who makes a pair on the turn.

It's the same online, when you enjoy the game you're playing you generally play much better and even if you could make more turning the handle somewhere else, you're still much better off overall where you are.

If any of you are quite new to these tournaments, here's a bone for you - how much easier do you think it is for me to read you when you constantly tell me, and everyone else, how you play ? It must be torture in these beginner tournaments, every hand must be thoroughly analysed by the panel. Don't tell everyone how you play at the table (it's a lot different me doing it here). Force them to at least make an effort to find out.

Anyway these £100 tournaments are a godsend if you're trying to move to the next level, check them out. Luton are also promising a couple of shoot-outs on Monday 24th and 31st which I will try to make, it will be interesting to see if these take off - I hope so !


Blogger Gamblog UK said...

Xmas cheer, positivity?

I am not blaming you for QPR's recent run of defeats.

But a nice "positivity" post about the boys is in order..

Need some Kharma in the general direction of Loftus Road..

Beware the Fallen Ranger!

9:14 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Can't argue with that !

There are quite a few poker parallels with Rangers' situation at the moment (as ever). We're like the poker player who had all the chips a couple of hours ago but now the rush is over and we've given half of them back. It's vital not to worry about where we were, just where we are. Holloway said as much after the game yesterday.

We're not as bad as our recent results suggest, just like we weren't that good when winning 7 in a row. As it happens we didn't play too badly yesterday, just defended very poorly on the goals we conceded. At this time it makes me feel a lot better to think that there's no one else but Holloway I'd like to be there to sort it out (although I wish he'd stop playing Gallen in midfield :-))

Keep the faith, we'll be alright :-)

10:00 AM  

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