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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Take It Like A Man

I'm soooo tired of hearing football managers blame the ref. Harry Redknapp today said "I haven't seen it but our keeper's gone off on a stretcher and he's given a penalty, how can it be a penalty ?". Because, now I've seen it, the defender has pulled the forward back before he collided with the keeper. And yes, I saw it first time at full speed :-). When managers make sarky comments like that, basically implying that referees are incompetent, and they turn out to be completely wrong, do you ever hear them apologise ? Do you bollocks.

I'm not one to wish ill on others just for the sake of it, but 3 teams are going to be relegated this year whatever happens, and I'd rather it was Southampton than any of the others. Redknapp is a serial liar and the club treated Paul Sturrock, a man I have a great deal of respect for after he took Plymouth from nowhere to beat us to the title fair and square last season, appallingly. What goes around comes around, and it could come around to St. Mary's quicker than usual.


Blogger Milkybarkid said...

I hope Southampton go down. Rupert Lowe has no idea about how to run a football club. Also though Arry' is good at wheeler dealing i think he'd need more than one transfer window to get the Saints out of this one. The only shining light is that Palace, West brom and Norwich are equally as bad.

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