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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crazy H.O.R.S.E.

Lame title I know, but it was either that or call it "Everyone's A Cunt" which would lower the tone. The "real world championship" started yesterday, with faces aplenty filling out the 150-odd field. A few of them make you wonder "who put him in", but not that many to be fair. I'm funking for Sklansky myself. Or someone you've never heard of or, failing all that, someone who isn't over-hyped but can play. Chip leader Joe Cassidy fits the bill.

Negreanu was overheard complaining about the small buyin events, telling a floorman that having "no-names" winning was "no good for you and no good for me". Some people have forgotten where they started from, as I read on another blog recently. The same people should count themselves fortunate that they made their name in an era when you only had to beat 300 people for $1500 to do it. The large fields haven't stopped a few names from winning, such as Allen Cunningham and the ever popular Dutch Boyd. An ESPN puff-job described Boyd's win as "the feelgood story of the year". What was it I was saying everyone was again ?

Finally I could hardly go around calling people cunts without a big shout to Harrah's. God only knows how much juice they are taking from the HORSE tournament, but I would guess at least $300,000. However these incomings clearly don't stretch to breaking out 20 new packs of cards for the event. When Andy Bloch complained about markings on the cards he was given a 10 minute penalty. I don't know how forcefully he complained, but I can imagine, given that the cards in use are cheap crap and they are not replaced for each event. They mark very easily (accidentally or otherwise) and to top it off marked cards are absolutely huge in games like Razz and Stud 8, much bigger than in NL. Oh well. If you build it, they will come, even if the walls are full of cardboard.

Oh and by the way : If anyone wants to buy dollars, Email me.


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