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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures of me in "action", from The Eye On Poker :

Poker Is Exciting

Nil By Mouth (See also 20 other pictures of me in this pose)

John Connor Is Terminated (See what I did there ?)

We Have A Winner

The Money Shot

And some from the stud :

What Would Tom Myland Do ?

I Told You She Was Smug

I Like This One But Can't Think Of A Caption

Order now while stocks last.

Update : Corkins felts Hellmuth with the worst hand. Now I'm happy :-). I've just been reading back through previous entries, and I was happy enough when I left Vegas with $1500 profit. It seems churlish to sulk over the main event after clearing $70K here. Tough beat for the Devilfish there though, ouch.

Wednesday :
I have posted a review of my Main Event here, on the other blog as it's a bit technical (and boring).


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