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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wrapping Up

Writing this in Charlotte airport, and I can post it too. This wireless thing is pretty cool. Anyway, obv this was the best trip ever in terms of results. Although it didn't bother me that much, it was a niggle that I had never "won anything". But I don't think you'll be seeing me on the EPT trail any time soon ; I'm sticking to the plan of paying off the mortgage and re-assessing at that point. Thanks to the result in Tunica though I'm only about $20K short of doing that, and I have half that online already. I'm not even sure about the WSOP this year ; I seem to have lost interest in playing single table satellites and I notice that they have kicked the second chance tournaments up to $1000 this year which I think will toughen up the fields. I mean you can go to Vegas any time and play $500 at the Bellagio every day, and they seemed soft enough to me over New Year.

The one thing about Tunica that's worth pointing out is that I like the people there. Both the staff, most of whom seem genuinely friendly and, better still, the ones who aren't don't fake it (although they're perfectly polite). Unless they were all faking it and I didn't realise :-) People are just generally more laid back in the South. Players too, I only ran across one real tossbag at the table on the whole trip (until the Main Event anyway) ; in Vegas it was odds-on there'd be one at your table wherever. Also Johnny Grooms and his floor staff were top notch. I didn't see a bad ruling in three weeks, and that included a couple of tricky situations, which were all handled calmly, fairly and with common sense.

Finally the shuttle driver took me down the back roads to the airport, and I couldn't help noticing a couple of those church signs. Thanks to the magic of Church Sign Generator, I can reproduce them here.

Yeah, I can see that. Assume a stable position to avoid backsliding into the ways of Satan. But why stop there ? Surely it would be better to adopt some kind of three-point stance, like an NFL lineman.

What ? No one told me ! This is what I get for not reading the Bible. It's probably in the small print. So what kind of interest is He charging ? And if we don't pay up, is He going to send the Angels round ? Worrying thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if you're happy to reveal it, what was the final breakdown of winnings/losses/expenses for the trip?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Profit was pretty much the $61,000 I won in the $500 NL, most of the rest cancelled out. $6K in the Stud covered most of the expenses, and smaller wins covered tournament buyins.


11:10 PM  
Anonymous CoMeDy KiNg said...

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2:40 AM  

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