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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Celebrate Good Times Come On

We had a minor large-up in the Bok Bar near the Vic last night, Pete B has a report and some pics here. Not being used to this, I committed a couple of breaches of protocol in turning up half an hour late and not bringing the bling with me, although I still think the latter was wise in view of some previous form at losing trinkets on drunken nights out. Frankly I've done well to still have my phone this morning.

With age does come a certain amount of wisdom, and thanks to my judicious avoidance of the double scotches and tequila, I feel surprisingly OK this morning. One or two might not be so chipper right now :-). Many thanks to all who came along, I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too. I did say (almost emotionally) that it was a shame it took something as unlikely as me getting a lump to bring us all under one roof, so I hope we'll have a good reason to do it again soon.


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