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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pain In The Neck

Surprisingly, the title does not apply to anything Harrahs-related, but the fact that I have cricked my neck something terrible. Who knows whether it was the plane, carting luggage about or sleeping in a strange bed but anyway it's killing me. It probably wasn't a good idea to let one of the poker massage women loose on it either. If I ever do that again I'm going to say "be gentle with me" first, like a prom night girl in a romantic novel.

So that's my excuse for not playing the Omaha 8 later today, albeit that one was fairly close to the bottom of the list anyway. I'll keep building up with the single tables and limit cash for a couple of days till the 6-handed on Thursday. A quick session of $20-40 limit hit the spot yesterday when the single tables were all full, I might have to log a few more hours in that game, which played like $3-6 online for the most part, if that.

Overall there have been a few noticeable improvements so far. The single tables have their own room and a slightly better system of registering. On the downside, no $10 food voucher for playing the $500s, oh well nothing lasts forever :-). The nightmare of trying to register for a tournament in the first week appears to be a thing of the past as well. I like the way the $10K (and to a lesser extent $5K) tournaments are spread out, hopefully these will keep a lot of the better players out of the way while I crack on in the $1500-$3Ks. The poker kitchen has some better food, and more importantly there's now a Japanese restaurant right outside the elevators, which is a great result, Japanese being about the only relatively healthy food you can get in Vegas. If you know the Rio though, it's right underneath where that boat is winched around in the free show, so if one of those chicks misses her throw, I could easily see a bead necklace landing in my scalding hot soup. Risk and reward.

Finally on the subject of the ME final being delayed to November, in discussions so far, the most common complaint people have is that when you make the final, you're in form. But 4 months later you probably won't be. Further proof of two things : a) you can fuck with poker players as much as you like and most of them won't even realise, never mind do anything about it, and b) I'm in the right place to make some money for the next month :-)

Update : As it happens, the single tables have been stopped this afternoon because they don't have enough space for everything. This will be the case on and off till the 14th when another room is freed up. So I might actually start tomorrow in the $2K, rather than kick my heels all day again. I came to playyyy. Also neck feels better after a trip to Chinatown for some acupuncture :-)


Anonymous Carlo said...

I hope that smiley is mocking acupuncture... or the illusion of reason will be shattered

1:12 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Meh, you should have seen how I played the $1500 today. No illusion of reason at all.


5:14 AM  
Blogger SimonG. said...

Some of those massage girls are brutal.

Nowadays I play safe and just have them work under the shoulder blades - neck and base of spine are strictly out of bounds.

Foot Massage (Hawaiian market place on strip or chinatown) very good.

I've also heard that chinatown do good table showers - but have yet to sample one!

10:38 PM  

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