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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Well, I'm doing my bollocks happily enough, but I have to report a complete lack of shenanigans in the first week. The organisation is generally an improvement on last year and my top "playing with the pros" story is that I was on the same table as Jean-Robert Bellande in the limit comp, and he was a bit moany. Hold the front page. Socially I had a good meal in the Stratosphere revolving restaurant courtesy of Team Channing, nice to meet all the Hit Squad boys and well done again to James A.

I'm taking it easy this weekend (didn't play the $2500 today) before having another tilt Monday ($1500 shootout), Tuesday ($2K limit) and/or Wednesday ($3K HORSE). Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be on a table with Annie Duke, as in the $10K stud today (from Pokernews) :

"Annie Duke has just arrived at todays event. She arrives complete with a set of ultimate bet hats for the people at her table. It doesn't appear anyone has accepted her generosity. "

You have to hope that at least one person will give her the appropriate response as to what she can do with her ultimate bet hats. Even without the UB implications, how many people in a $10K tournament with no satellite qualifiers are going to say "Oh great, a $4.99 hat, I'll wear that all month, cheers". If that's all the damage control UB can afford they must have paid Bax and Rizen a hell of a price.

Update : Ooh, wait, I got one. Also from the Stud coverage on Pokernews :

"In seven-card stud, it is the job of the dealer to call out potential hands and also whenever pairs hit the board. All around the room several players are getting upset when the dealer is calling out "possible straight," "possible flush," or "pair of kings." "

I don't know what's better. The implication that players in a $10K tournament need to be told what the best possible hand is from the board, or that fact that this might actually be true in some cases. I can imagine doing that dealing the old £20 stud comps in Luton. "And a possible flush ..", "I know that, what are you telling me for, you fucking idiot".


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