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Monday, August 11, 2008

Money Money Money

Came across this today while browsing through the almost endless Cornell Fiji threads on 2+2 (cliff notes : guy who did a lot of work on the UB case arranged a $30K swap with Admo but then blew all the money in Bobby's Room and can't pay it back). Anyway here's the link :

Clarkson stung after bank prank

Cliff notes : when the government lost all that bank info, Jeremy Clarkson said "oh stop moaning, no one can take money out of your account with just the number and the sort code, and to prove it here's mine". Someone promptly debited £500 from his account to a diabetes charity and, best of all, there's no way he can get it back or find out who it was. Hooray for banks. The best thing to do by the way, if you're one of the few people in this country who actually has money and not just a pile of debts, is keep the bulk of it in a savings account and then transfer into checking account as and when you need it. Or just keep it on poker sites instead.

On a smaller scale today, George Wallace used to mention this in his Vegas routine, how if you give a cashier a certain amount too much so that you get sensible change, all hell breaks loose. My shopping bill came to £13.51 and, having a ton of change already but no £10 notes, I gave the guy £23.70. He stared at it blankly. "You've given me, er, £23.70 ?". OK, I said, trying to make it easier, here's £23.55 instead. He stared at it some more and started digging into the till. As I was talking to someone I'd just bumped into at this point I didn't pay much attention until he handed me a fiver and a fistful of change. "Oh, " I said, "I thought you would have a £10 note. Never mind". "No, " he said, "that's your change. £9.99". He had lost the 5p and actually thought I wanted £9.99 change. At this point I figured the solution least likely to lead to extreme violence and possibly a killing spree was for me to pocket the £9.99 and leave, and so I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never never say Hooray for banks, they , and their greed are at the heart of our present inflation and recession.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

You're correct, of course. The comment "Hooray for banks" was meant to be sarcastic but I can see now how it could be misinterpreted. I mean Clarkson was being a bit of a twat, and whoever transferred the money did it with a degree of class, but even so the fact that there's nothing can be done to redress it demonstrates how pathetic the banks are.

Clumsy writing by me in the original post !


8:47 PM  

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