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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cost Effective Celebrity Endorsement

Obviously I'm not exposed to advertising all that much now, and hooray for that. However, I do like to watch the 6-max TV donkaments on the Internet playback, mostly so I can laugh at old nits who everyone thinks are great raise/folding 10BB stacks. Channel 5 have started inserting advertisements in the middle of these now which is kind of annoying.

Nowadays, as I noticed during my spell in an apartment while my kitchen was in bits, it appears to be illegal to advertise anything except car insurance on TV. So I'm watching this car insurance ad and Stephen Fry is doing the voiceover. Wow, I think, they're splashing out. Hang on, that's Paul Merton as well. OR IS IT ?

On closer listening though, it doesn't sound quite right. I'm almost certain that this is someone, possibly two people, impersonating Stephen Fry and Paul Merton. And now it hits me, what a genius idea this is. They're not saying it's Stephen Fry and Paul Merton. So how can they get done for it ? They save on the presumably 6 figure sums these guys can rake in for half an hour's voiceover work these days, and most people think it is Fry and Merton, even subconsciously, and who knows how it all works anyway. Do you really pick product A over product B based on which popular actor is reading the script ? Apparently people do though.

And just in case my ears are deceiving me and that was Stephen Fry and Paul Merton, then that's my idea, I own it. Get people to impersonate celebs on your voiceovers for £500 and pocket the difference. You can send me 10% for the idea.