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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woman Decides To Stop Living In Jungle, Eating Shit And Generally Being Humiliated

In more snappy tabloidese, Jordan Quits. Or as I gather from looking at the headlines while queueing in the supermarket, Jordan quit a day or two ago and now we've moved on to "Exclusive : The Real Reason Jordan Quit". While I haven't read the tabloids in question [1], and so the real reason might actually match the real real reason (see my title), I suspect it probably doesn't.

While reality TV doesn't normally feature in my relaxing downtime schedule, I did happen to catch some of the programme at the weekend. And what I didn't realize is that each week you the public get to vote on which particular victim, sorry I mean celebrity, gets to be demeaned in a cruel and vindictive manner. And in this particular series, Jordan has been picked something like six times in a row.

Does this remind you of anything ? Let's all pick on the weakest link repeatedly, make them eat bugs and stuff, until they break, then we all laugh ? Victims putting up with it because any attention is better than being ignored ? Two class clowns adding their own hilarious commentary and the passive majority sucking it all in because they have nothing better to do, and it feels good that it's not them everyone's pointing and laughing at ? But it's just a bit of fun sir. Yes, this entire country is 12 years old. Or in prison. I've never been in prison so I can't be entirely sure but I went to school and it sounds much the same [2]. This is a sick and rotten culture. Sick and rotten to the core.

PS While I'm here, I saw a back page headline "Wenger In Foul-Mouthed Rant At Theo". Or in other words, Football Manager Swears At Player. Slow news day ?

[1] In the interests of research, I probably should buy The Sun or The Mail one day and read it cover to cover. Just to see how ill it makes me feel.

[2] IIRC, Stephen Fry said that prison was much the same as public school, except the food was better.