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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arriverderci Rio

I rolled up to Caesar's last night to play the $120 + $100 rebuy. There were loads of Brits around, a few I know obviously, Bushy, The Aggressor, Ray was there again. Once we started there was actually some table conversation worth listening to, probably for the first time on the trip. Dan Samson was opposite me and turned out to be more amusing than I remembered him being from old times in Luton. He might just have grown up a bit ; poker can do that to people very quickly :-). And after a while Tony Hachem arrived and sat next to me, he was a really nice guy although obviously a bit tired of being asked "Are you Joe's brother" [he is]. Another rarity for the trip, I made a good pass - you can't do that in 1000 chip single tables ! EP raises, I flat call with Jacks and the next player also calls. Flop T65, raiser bets, I raise for about 1/4 of my stack, caller cold-calls (alarm bells !). Raiser ums and ahs and moves in. I pass quickly, caller calls quickly and it's AA against 65 two pair.

Unfortunately Dan then cracked my Kings with QJ. Some things never change :-). I doubled back up to my starting stack, then the blinds went to 200-400/50. I pushed my M3 in middle position with K6 suited, a completely standard and correct auto-play. Someone called me. Now this is one of my favourite things to say at the table. I saw Juanda do this on TV, he's cool. I looked at the dealer and asked "This is Vegas, right ?". "Yes sir it is". "Alright then let's gamble !" and flipped them over. He had A7 but I won. Some tool goes "I thought it was a bit early in the tournament for that kind of move". Either fuck off and die (preferably) or learn to play fucking tournaments before you start doing a commentary you arsewit. Can you tell this is really annoying me ? Of course at the table I didn't say anything but I really am sick of this. What am I supposed to do, blind myself off just because there are still 15 tables left ? Twat. The same guy murdered all his chips to The Aggressor soon after, making a ridiculous overbet with second pair that was guaranteed to be called by a better hand, and only a better hand. But hey, he had AQ, and that's a real hand, so he couldn't have played it wrong.

Anyway, up shot the blinds to 400-800/100. Like Bad Beat says, there's nothing wrong with a good old crapshoot, especially when half the field don't realise it. I tried again with K8 but Ray found AK and that was that. I might give that another spin tonight, although the standard of play seems to be not quite as appalling as the Venetian. I'm in Treasure Island now (fantastic strip view from my room) and I'm done with the Rio. On my way out for the last time at the weekend I saw two guys playing chess in the foyer. I half expected a security guard to come up and say "Gentlemen, if you're not gambling on this game I'm going to have to ask you to leave".


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