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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Unlucky Man Loses Massive Coin Flip

I was a bit annoyed with myself today because I kind of blew a good stack in the comp at the Venetian. Kind of because I was still allin on a massive coin-flip, but I'll come on to that in a bit.

I roll up late and find they are seating an entire new table of alternates. Cool, deal me in. One guy busts and the table dork starts moaning because "we're 6 handed and they're 9 handed please miss it's not fair". So she fetches over a couple more alternates. Now, believe it or not, the same guy complains that the dealer is taking too long to seat the new players he insisted were brought in. I break radio silence to tell him that we were playing plenty of hands before he threw a hissy fit about being short-handed but he ignores me (natch). It must have pushed him over the edge though because he starts demanding a refund because we're not playing enough hands. Remember, this is a guy who turned up an hour late. Sure, so did I, but I didn't complain about not playing enough hands ! Tool. He's still demanding that the manager comes over for his refund when we start the next hand and he calls. Now I'm not having this. In the event that his refund appeal is successful (and it might be, management will bend the rules if they think someone's too much trouble otherwise) he's freerolling on any hand he plays. I'm just about to kick this off when I take a peek at my cards - KK. OK, you can play. Long story short, I bust him. There's your refund mate, now fuck off.

So I win a couple more pots and who should come to the table but my old Luton stud nemesis Ray Brown. Absence must make the heart grow fonder because I was pleased to see old Ray. No really, he's alright. We have a bit of a laugh, and on the break the tournament bird asks if he's my Dad. Well, I laughed at that more than Ray did, he thought he was in there ;-). I pick up several good hands like AK, JJ, and so on, reraise a guy with ATs, he passes and soon enough I have 20K with only 140K in play and about 15 players left (paying 5). Then a guy who has been raising quite often, but hasn't shown anything less than a premium hand, makes it 3K again in the hijack seat (two off the button). I find 77, suffer a brain freeze which was probably down to sheer impatience with the slow pace of the game (maybe I should have asked for a refund) and reraise. I didn't even reraise all in like I should have, but in the event everyone else folds, he puts the rest in, AK v 77 and he wins. Next hand I have 5K left, he raises, I put the rest in - AK v 77 again and he wins again. Ho hum.

I had enough chips (and so did he) for me to quietly pass this hand. Against an aware player who could have been raising light in late-ish position I could have done this, but I had enough evidence at that point to realise that this guy, like half the field, had no concept of position. If he had a hand he liked, he was raising, and that was that. In addition, he was unlikely to put any of them down to a reraise, and 77 wasn't dominating any of them. Oh well, it was only $200, and I made $150 back just now playing $2-4 online on tilt :-). I'm coming back on Thursday whatever happens, I'm not playing well enough so we'll call it quits wherever we are at that point. Amusingly, as I mentioned before, I will be offline for the first week of the main event. Read that back if you like, the first week of a tournament. Could you imagine that 5 years ago ? Life goes on without me as Diamond Dave would say, and maybe reality is not such a bad thing after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play one mega satellite for the main event you pussy.

The overlay for the big one is so huge your ticket will be worth $25k as soon as you win it.

I'll buy a piece of you to prove it.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

I might take you up on that next time ; but this isn't the right time for me. As I said, I'm simply not playing well and there's no way I could play one 12-hour day without making 2 or 3 major blunders, never mind two whole weeks. My concentration just isn't there.

I think this might be the worst year to play it. I suspect that the numbers will drop off from here.

And finally, you know what I think about satellites :-)


6:09 AM  
Blogger MadYank said...

why not join me in the smash games?

7-4 tooooooo easy

PS Defo got company if u stick around to see the Rollins Band

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Peter B said...

If it weren't for the fact that in metagaming terms it would be distinctly minus EV, you, Dave D and I should write the definitive book on "The Metagame". Hell, we all write for SJ. Surely someone would take us on?


12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"tournament bird"

You will be abusing fast food counter jockeys soon old boy.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Fair enough, duly noted :-)

8:51 PM  

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