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Thursday, July 20, 2006

No One Cares What You Think

Amusing post from Chris Fargis here. It's not even WSOP-related, which makes a nice change :-). I know it's a sign that I'm playing too much and I've been here too long but the idiotic table chat over here is driving me spare and there's a real possibility that I will blow up and tell someone to shut the fuck up very soon. Maybe I should, to get it out of my system, it would probably be worth a 10 minute penalty. Practically everyone here seems to think that :

- They're on TV (as Chris says)
- Raising their blind or bet constitutes some kind of personal vendetta
- People will think less of them if they don't continually justify their own play and/or disparage the play of others
- Hand analysis consists of the following : whoever had the best hand pre-flop must have played well, and everyone else badly
- Saying things like "I have a big hand, do you want me to call ?" is going to make their opponent crack and confess "No, I'm bluffing, take the money and damn your mind games"

I've been trying to be nice to people but yesterday I realised why it's a waste of effort. A woman had been chatty and friendly throughout and I was playing along with it, until I knocked her out with AQ against AK three-handed - I mean what can you do, am I supposed to pass ? She went ballistic and when I tried to say something sympathetic she almost spat at me. So from here on in, I'm sorry, but it's noise reducing headphones on (great gadget), GIQ if I win and good luck guys if I lose, and that's all your chat. It's different in a decent size game where you can often have interesting conversations but at the lower levels what am I missing. Nothing at all.


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